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We will assist you before, during and after your event with great attention to detail. Whether you need help selecting your performers or your catering. We will put together an all-in-one package that caters perfectly to your individual needs.

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Successful as a team

Good teamwork is important for every company, not only increasing enjoyment at work but also improving communication and staff performance. A long-term employee motivation programme can have a positive effect on the productivity of your employees. Team-building activities are thus an important tool for every boss and HR manager. We offer a range of different team-building activities and have qualified training specialists on hand to help you choose and carry out the right activities.

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Cultural activities

A captivating show can enchant and leave a lasting impression on your guests. We have an extensive network of performers and artists of all possible genres at our disposal.

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A dream wedding in our fairytale castle. Our ballroom is available for your civil wedding in conjunction with the registry office of Sindelfingen. We will work with you to develop an individual supporting programme for the most beautiful day of your life including culinary delicacies from the kitchen and wine cellar.
Our chef and our event manager are happy to talk to you about your plans without obligation.

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All kinds of celebration

Sensapolis offers you a unique location for private or family celebrations and club or company events of all kinds. Uniqueness and individuality are the keys to success for an excellent event. Sensapolis will provide a special backdrop, personally tailored to your needs.